Well Testing

Base Pricing

Mileage Charge: $0.70 per mile round trip

H-5 Pricing

$225 per test
Nitrogen Charge: $5 per 100 psi used (Nitrogen charge is typically $10 per test when casing is full of fluid and there are no leaks)

Fluid Level Analysis

$125 for first well, $55 for each additional well during same trip

H-15 Pricing

Fluid level test with sonic survey – $125 per well tested (Discounts may be negotiated on a per lease or per trip basis)

Mechanical Integrity Test

same pricing as H-5

We handle all of your RRC operator filings for H-5 and H-15 tests for an additional $50 per well tested. If you provide us copies of previous test forms for the same wells, this fee will be waved.