Founder – Ben Stovall

As the third generation of his family to choose a career in the oil industry, Ben began developing his diverse knowledge of the oil and gas industry at a very young age. Ben continued his education by obtaining a Bachelors in Business Administration from Tarleton University in Stephenville, Texas. Ben soon started acquiring stripper oil and gas wells after graduation and moved these assets to his newly founded company 3 S Production, Inc. in 2013. After drilling and completing its first well in 2013, 3 S Production continued to grow by obtaining and revitalizing low producing assets via improved operation methods which reduced operating costs.
In addition to acting as President of 3 S Production, Ben began offering well site supervision services after requests from operators local to his area in District 7B. Ben was tasked with implementing casing liner systems, which he had proven to be effective with 3 S Production, on wellbores with damaged casing. These operators saw the value in the system used by Ben due to the predictable costs associated with his methods when compared to that of a cement squeeze. Ben has also overseen all type of completion and remediation jobs including, but not limited to, logging, perforating, acidizing, fracturing, rod pump design, rod/tubing jobs, rod pump troubleshooting, chemical treatment, hot oiling, flowline and facilities installation, etc.
In 2015, after obtaining an Echometer Model D fluid level gun, Ben began offering well testing services to the operators he had consulted for in addition to using the equipment for his company, 3 S Production. Ben created a unique and efficient system to utilize Nitrogen to perform H-5 tests on injection wells. Word spread and as this business continued to grow it became apparent that it would be best to create a separate company just for these services, hence OILCAT Services, LLC.
Ben has said, “the knowledge I have obtained is far exceeded by the contacts I’ve made.” These contacts include engineers, production superintendents, business analysts, landmen, businessmen, geologists, CPAs and more who are always willing to help him and are great sources of information for any project brought to Ben’s attention.